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Here you will find a wide array of different orb and orb related photographs that I took over the course of a few months in my home and around where I live.

Most of it is still widely unexplained, although I theorize it could be related to aliens, spirits and other dimensional beings.

Many of the pictures I took have faces resembling different beings that could be left up to the viewer's imagination to determine what they are looking at.


My investigation and research into the orb phenomenon


The above photo is the one that lead me to believe we are dealing with aliens. You can see the rounded head and the big eye appearance in this orb.

I have also had sleep paralysis encounters and meditative intrusions dealing with the grey like type aliens.

They are definitely involved here somehow but are not limited to grey aliens by any means. Some pictures seem to reflect mantis type beings as well as other unidentified aliens.


Faces in ORB's. Real spirits, UFO's and aliens magick manifesting

In this video I break down some video stills of orbs that I have encountered and they have revealed some startling images. The encounters and activity seem to become more pronounced and lucid and continue to increase and amaze me as time goes by. Some times I have to take a few steps back but continue to push forwards.

In most of these photos you can usually see two eyes at a bare minimum but sometimes a heck of a lot more than that. Here are a few more different photos with some facial features.

Ghost Orb

Other than the faces in orbs and random energy blobs, I have also noticed mists and what appear to be like white pieces of fluff in the air although they are not fluff because they jump out at me and disappear. These beings also travel in orbs which I think are called merkabas and are spirit vehicles.

Ghost Orb

In the video below you will begin to see how all the beings and orbs in the above pictures interact with me.

I will sit up at night and focus and the more that I do link up to the energy telepathically the more pronounced the activity becomes. I started noticing them when I was filming UFO's. I started to get very close encounters with UFO's and eventually they came very close to me and started appearing as small orbs of light in the field where I used to observe them.

After I made the connection that they are small orbs of light as well, I decided to get a security cam and start recording video in my home. Well before that I had that camera and was recording them above my house constantly. The UFO's would follow me everywhere I went, but just about every night I could see them over my house and I documented it all on my channel. I initially started seeing them at the lake.

My first UFO's sighting was preceded by a precognitive dream. The orbs showed up in my dreams and then in real life as UFO's. It wasn't until years later that I made the orb connection.

Again, from my understanding these orbs are merkabas which are essentially vehicles for the soul to travel the expanses of the universe. It is what we use when we dream every night. These beings are just proficient in using them at will, where us humans are just beginning to learn of our inherent spiritual potential, or wake up.

Some may beg to differ that we are asleep or could also possibly be in a dream within a dream, like a prison that we have yet to escape from.

What Are
Orbs of Light?

Seeing Orbs with Your Eyes

When you start to experience this phenomenon you should get to the point where you can see them with your own eyes. Pretty much 247 now wherever I am, I can see them whizzing around me. Sometimes they appear as large transparent blobs and sometimes look almost like bugs or flies zipping around but they are not.

I have had white mists reach out and touch me and I have seen the white fluff like spirits whiz around me and the orbs go right through me. It is pretty much a daily experience and I can feel it when it happens. They also often times tell me when they are going to be around frequently and react to my energy all the time. In the following video they announced their arrival in droves. This was not the first time it happened and will not be the last.

This is what goes on in my house on a daily basis. The ORB's are teaching me alignment and centering and can offer the same frequency to anyone who simply watches the video. The orbs fly from the camera through the screen an into you. Feel it for yourself. Open yourself to their healing energies and let the fun begin. If your vibration is keen and adjusted enough they will literally come out the TV. No word of a lie.

  1. GHOST MIST - In the next video you can see a little bit of how the orbs can turn into mist and the answer to what are orbs of light becomes more apparent. You will see it by the fridge for a moment. They will phase in and phase out of view so fast its kind of hard to capture but it is there and it is real. The braver that you are the more that they will show themselves to you. I believe they are actually grey aliens to be honest. Then again many people call them by different names. Many people observe faeries and aliens as being one in the same. How do you really tell the difference anyways? Aren't the names we give these things just human constructs anyways? I would suppose they could be whatever they wanted to be. Whatever you can imagine.
  2. ARCHONS - There is another theory that the aliens or ghosts are like Archons. The Gnostic texts suppose that we are being controlled by beings that are servants of an imposter God and that they are feeding off our life force . Could it be that all paranormal activity is a result of one legion of beings trying to suppress the human spirit? Or do we really live in a universe of vast life and otherworldly spiritual activity? There seems to be a lot of testimony to a lot of varying evidence. I suppose everyone at the end of the day must define their own existence and put their own spin on their own experiences
  3. INTELLIGENT CONTROL - In the below video you will also see how they can be stationary and can jump out at you from behind objects, come down stair, out of furniture like the refrigerator, the couch and anywhere they please. There is no limit to the kind of tricks they can play with you. I have another video where they move my table cloth and a paper towel roll. It got very intense to where objects were moving and I pulled back somewhat because activity was getting too intense. I want to face my fears and understand more of what I am dealing with. In this video you see some of what I am talking about.

Whatever the orb's are is technically up to you or what you want to attract by way of feeling. You will find that when you start your journey and energy work in dealing with orbs / which are technically just merkaba's or vessels of the spirit, you will attract energies to you very quickly. I know for sure I am at least dealing with grey aliens as noted earlier. I have had a wide variety of energies affect me both positive and negative, but I have also found a lot of it deals with how you react and your perception of what you are experiencing above all. When something is unknown to you, you tend to become very fearful of it, but you can easily transmute energies to suit your needs.

You become hyper charged extremely quickly and so do your spiritual powers and point of attraction in this type of work. You have to start controlling your thoughts and actions very fast because you are stepping into a world of pure thought energy and things will manifest quicker and quicker. I often find that on power number dates or dates that correspond numerologically, I will experience a lot of activity. Same with phases of the moon. When your energy is finely attuned you can see orbs quite effortlessly and get closer to the astral / etheric realms. You can also direct your energy into other matters to pull things to you or repel things away from you. This type of work is not for the faint of heart. Be advised, you will be tested like nothing before.

At the end of the day this is the nuts and bolts to spirituality. Most people imagine God or imagine energy work. When you deal with orbs you get to experience the fruits of your labor and see just how it all works. No more imagining mystical characters, you can bring them into reality at will, if you so choose. You can experiment with telekinesis and other psychic abilities. Set your intent on something with the orbs and work with it to manifest and see how long it takes. Over time you can refine your abilities to take effect faster and faster. I have also found that astral projecting becomes more pronounced .

I constantly see the faces of interesting beings while in meditative states and they become more visible all the time. We live in a magically vast universe and this is the hidden doorway that has been hidden from humanity for a long time. Most people are too afraid and brainwashed to even accept this reality. This of course is due to a long history of indoctrination and manipulation of human consciousness, We need to bring back this knowledge to the masses and those who want to learn so that we can all be liberated and ascend to higher planes of consciousness with less suffering.

More on
Orbs and UFOs

When I started to investigate the ORB phenomenon it came about as a result of studying UFO's. I started to encounter ORB's and I got closer to UFO's. The UFO's came down to ground level and manifested themselves as ORB's. Since then they have been in my home. I have two theories on them. One they are individual vessels for spirits such as extraterrestrials or inter dimensional beings. Second they are thought form being manifested as an extension of my own being.

The types of UFO's I mainly experience were the plasma type ORB UFO's which up close appear to be no different than the UFO's I observed in the skies. As we move closer to the higher dimension in this natural evolution of human consciousness I believe we can use this phenomenon to ascend. In fact I believe it is a direct result of phenomenology. It is a conscious manifestation on behalf of the observer and the orbs are a direct result.

I find that these orbs are highly active and apparent when my vibration and consciousness is in alignment with seeing them. If I am really focused in general then they definitely appear in greater abundance and become more pronounced the more psychically in tune I am with them or with manifesting a certain intent in general. As I control my energy flow and vibration then they become visible not only on camera but in regular sight as well. As this progression and phenomenon occurs I attribute it to the degree of alignment my consciousness is outputting. I also get other signals such as master number alignments and synchronicity which further adds to the confirmation of the calibration of my spiritual frequency.

As I follow these patterns I become aware of a few things. First I note the fundamentals of consciousness and the law of attraction working in general. In our present condition thoughts become reality but to most only at a certain speed if it all if they are not aware of it. As we elevate our awareness and perception using this technique we can observe it happening faster and faster. The dream realms or the astral realms all work by thought alone and the thoughts or vibrations that we have in those states all cause almost instant manifestation. So when we start to ascend we have to be mindful of our thoughts in order to comfortably be able to make the appropriate transition.

When we are actually in a dream or astral projecting, the worlds we sometimes find ourselves in can seem to be entirely of our own making which is why I liken the ORB phenomenon to phenomenology or Tulpas generally speaking. The orbs what we observe are just that , ORB's. Balls of energy which we could say that come off our own aura or field of consciousness. Whether or not these are beings independent of ourselves or these are direct manifestations of what we believe we are to see is unknown to me as of yet, but the fact remains indifferent at this point. As we ascend and begin to experience the greater reality our intention and perception on what we want to see manifest is of primary importance.

The whole point we are trying to make or achieve here is the merger of consciousness from our current physical reality based state into the dream state consciousness. After all, all conscious is dream consciousness, we are just remembering this all over again and as we reawaken then we start to experience worlds that reflect the dream state entirely which is why ascension with ORB's can be a key component to doing so. You can use them as an indicator to alignment and closeness to fusion into the astral worlds. The more you progress with them, the more unlimited doors and opportunities open up to you because these ORB's can manifest into potentially anything that you want. Guides, portals, chi balls, other spirits or any being you can imagine could potentially manifest through an ORB. The only variable is you and your point of attraction as to what you want them to be or do for you.

This will be part 1 to working with ORB's and Tulpas. I will create a second part to this and fine tuning and a tutorial to how you can get these orbs to perform certain tasks for you or to become certain things that you can use to fulfill your will and desire. What I would recommend for now is that you try to notice them and become aware of them for if you do so then you have well surpassed most when it comes to spiritual ascension because you now have evidence of the higher dimensions in your current reality and the veil will start to thin dramatically.

I have created a video on how to do this where you can learn more on how to see orbs and using them for ascension.

This will be a place where I share my thoughts an opinions on things that I have experienced in my lifetime that have to do with spirituality and the paranormal. I currently have a YouTube channel and Facebook page which goes into some of my many experiences with UFO's, ORB's, ghosts and other things such as near death experiences, visions, altered states and psychic phenomenon. You can check those out at and and my back up page

There you can find my most recent video posts of phenomenon I am experiencing as well as photographic evidence as well. I will continue to update my content on those platforms as well as make posts on this forum that will serve as a memoir as well as a blog in which users can post and share ideas and experiences based on the paranormal and spirituality. I believe all things paranormal are linked to spirituality and ascension and it is one big process of evolution. These different types of phenomenon can lead one into a state of ascension to experience expanded states of awareness such as astral travel and superhuman capabilities.

I became aware of my psychic abilities in 2007 and have been practicing different types of techniques to enhance those abilities further. I used to do a lot of meditation which really honed them well, as well as fasting and maintaining an organic lifestyle. More recently I have ventured into lucid dreaming and investigating UFO phenomenon which translated into in home ORB activity and ghost/poltergeist like activity as well. Most of it all I have documented on my pages listed above if you are interested in observing some of the phenomenon yourself.

My intention with this page is to help guide people out of this matrix like reality and move into the 4th and 5th dimension so that we can experience all the wonderful things that the creator has destined for us all to experience. We are very limited in this life and we only really experience a fragment of our reality. We only use a certain percentage of our brain as well as DNA but all of this can be activated and altered as we expand our perception to what is actually possible and what can actually and potentially be a reality. As we work with our energies and the energies around us, we can quickly transform and evolve into fully integrated spiritual beings and manifest any type of reality/world that we so desire.

If this all sounds interesting to you then please bookmark our page and YouTube / Facebook pages and keep updated with things as they progress and share your ideas. We need to all work together to be able to progress and this is something that the entire human population needs to experience if possible. If we don't try and expand the perceptions of one another then those of us who are not aware and under a limited consciousness will serve to keep others down which is why it is imperative to get this information out to as many as possible. I will continue to post updates as I am prompted to communicate them with you all.


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